5. Smart Avaya Breakfast

26.6.14 10:00 – 26.6.14 11:00

Avaya IPO Multimedia Contact Center

Dear Partner,

On behalf of Avaya Team we are delighted to invite You to the next
Smart Avaya Breakfast!

This time we want to provide you the useful content on
Avaya IPO Multimedia Contact Center. It is so simple, so effective & so real – you need to get the ‘must have’ knowledge!

The webinar will happen on
26th of June 2014, Thursday at 10:00 till 11:00 CET time.

We will run it in English via Scopia which means for You no need to travel
anywhere - You only need to click the Scopia link and You are in!

If you want to join the webinar, please send mail with text “YES” on mtyszka@avaya.com

If You have never used Scopia before:

Please, before the webinar - install the Scopia client beforehand.

To install the client, please go to http://scopia.avaya.com/scopia?client

The software is free of charge and it sets up automatically within 2-4 minutes.

After that You can click on the main link: http://scopia.avaya.com/scopia?ID=1300431878706420
… and You are in!

Thanks to this webinar we would like to encourage You to increase Your product knowledge and thus - to help You increase Your revenue.

Please, book the time in your calendar still today!

Just as last time, this webinar will be an opportunity not only to gain the
needed knowledge but also to win the
special Avaya prize - the most active
attendees will be rewarded!

Smart Avaya Breakfast_ Multimedia Contact Center on Avaya IPO; so simple, so effective, so real – get the ‘must have’ knowledge!

Presenter: Hans Dielemann, AVAYA



Karol Przybyłka

Pre Sales