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RMA Requirements


RMA cases are often displeasing. That is why Westcon would like to make at least the processing as easy for you as possible. Therefore we installed an Online-form especially for RMA cases.

  1. Klick on the the following RMA Application to open the Online-Form and complete it.
  2. After acception of our terms and conditions, klick the send-button.

And that is all you need to do! You will immediately receive a confirmation via Email. This Email contains your RMA data and a temporary ticket number (Please note: This ticket number is not your RMA-ID. It is only created to help you with queries on your current RMA case). You will receive your RMA-ID via Email afterwards.


Go to RMA Online-Application


General information

  • The RMA-ID will be transferred separately. The ID will be created immediately after the acknoledgement of your RMA request.
  • Please note: Reshipment without RMA-ID is going to be rejected. Please do not send any goods, as long as you did not receive an RMA-ID.
  • Always provide damaged goods within a neutral packaging for pick-up Services. Please remove every add-on, module, etc. which is additional to standard. We are not going to assume liability for the loss of articles that do not belong to the standard outfit! In case of doubt please consult our Customer Care Team.
  • Please send goods of obligingness retraction free of transportation charges for Westcon.
    Never laminate, write on or damage the original packaging!
    Another precondition is that good are not damaged, the entire accessory and a complete documentation.
  • Please attach the confirmed RMA-form including the issued RMA-ID distinctly and visibly on the outside of your packaging. The RMA-ID must be clearly visible.
  • The assignment of an RMA-ID does not necessarily grant receipt of a credit note.
  • In addition to our general terms and conditions, our particular conditions regarding reconsignment apply.

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated RMA Team at Westcon.