UC and CC environments are generally complex and often involve multivendor technology: as complexity increases, visibility is reduced. Troubleshooting becomes a lengthy and difficult process and availability of systems become harder to ascertain.

Prognosis from IR reduces the complexity whilst helping to manage the communications experience, helping to ensure the business and customers have the best possible experience. What used to be time consuming or even impossible becomes easy with the click of a button in Prognosis' HTML5 web-based UI.



Top 3 reasons to use Prognosis:

  1. Proactive alerting to know when issues occur and resolve them before they become business affecting
  2. Reduce troubleshooting time and become more efficient when resolving issues and understanding root causes
  3. View real-time details of the entire UC/CC estate and use data to help ensure project finish on time and achieve the intended ROI



Key benefits of Prognosis

• Simplifies the troubleshooting of many types of issues by providing the granular data and historical information to assist in root cause analysis. Collects deep metrics using a variety of collection methods

• Uses as small a server footprint as possible without probes on the estate

• All of the data is used to keep operations abreast of the current status by sending proactive alerts and displayed in dashboards and reports

• Fully customisable to provide a tool that shows the information required in the way that is most appropriate for the customer/user in a single view

• Multivendor and covers all of the aspects of communication, from UC through to CC: Avaya, Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco, AudioCodes, Sonus, Oracle, Nice, Verint, Polycom and VMware



Some key questions answered by Prognosis

• Is my voice estate up and running, are there any elements down?
• How is the system being used, are we collaborating in the best way?
• What happened during our last outage, who did it impact and for how long?
• What is voice quality like?
• Are users adopting new technology?



Why is Prognosis a market leader?


Who benefits from Prognosis?

Voice Team: Viewing granular data helps them troubleshoot issues and resolve incidents more efficiently. Prognosis provides proactive alerts which help stop issues before they become system affecting.

Network Team: Prognosis provides clarity for network engineers to see exactly where the network could be impacting the voice estate, reducing finger pointing between the teams and helping them to understand what the voice team is seeing.

CTO: Prognosis brings to light the details that provide insight into how an estate is running. These insights assist in resolving issues that could be stopping a project being completed on time and helps realise ROI on finished projects by clarifying how well a new function has been adopted and is being utilised.



Key verticals for Prognosis

Financial services and banks




Betting and gambling

Contact Centres



Quotes from existing customers

"Prognosis means we can understand our environment better. Our voice and UC technology is complex, and the insight it gives us is invaluable."

"Within 36 hours Prognosis helped us find something that we’d been looking at for months! Because the environment is vast and the problem long-standing, the joy of discovery was immense."

"UC management is a critical piece of delivering quality services. Prognosis empowers Client Services to pro-actively avoid voice quality problems so that we can benefi t from cost savings and protect our long term client relationships."