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Simple, Affordable, Standards-Based Video Conferencing

telyHD Pro

Tely Labs is a global leader for simple, secureand affordable video conferencing, Tely Labs delivers plug-and-play video conferencing solutions for meeting rooms in a wide range of both horizontal and vertical market segments - including SMB, Enterprise, healthcare, education and service provider.



Extend Your Video Network

Want an affordable way to add more meeting rooms to your enterprise video conferencing network?

telyHD Pro is a revolutionary, standards-based videoconferencing appliance that connects with existing videoconferencing systems and infrastructure at unprecedented value.  Customers who don't want to invest in expensive infrastructure can leverage the telyCloud for pennies a day.


  • Add more meeting rooms to your existing enterprise video conferencing network.

  • Standards-Based Interoperability Leverage existing investments in video conferencing systems and infrastructure through use of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) interoperability. SIP interoperability also enables telyHD Pro to utilize 3rd party cloud-based conferencing services

  • telyCloud Service telyHD Pro comes with a one year subscription to telyCloud, a cloud-based service that provides six-party video conferencing and application sharing without the need for any on-premise equipment besides a telyHD Pro appliance at each location.

  • Simple Access to Blue Jeans Network Accessing a Blue Jeans meeting room requires no configuration setup. Users simply enter the meeting room number and optional password to join a meeting. Once connected, integrated layout management both enhances and simplifies the Blue Jeans video meeting experience.

  • Skype™ Certified 
  • Share Content with Remote Users 
  • Wireless Projector 
  • Smartphone Remote Control 
  • Built-in Web Browser 
  • Speakerphone 
  • Easy to Setup and Use


telyHD Pro is designed for use with: 

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Much more informations you'll find at www.tely.com or just ask your Westcon Sales representive to get a quote.